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Malta Work Permit


The Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) is the entity responsible to process applications for the issue of employment licences (work permits) to foreign nationals employed in Malta.

Individuals who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union (EU) are required to apply for an employment licence to work in Malta. Such a licence must be applied for by the employer who may also lodge an application if the applicant is still not residing in Malta. EU nationals, on the other hand, are exempt from applying for an employment licence to work in Malta. In both cases, however, the employer is obliged to register a new employee with the ETC.

Employment licences are generally sought in Malta when an individual does not qualify for a Single Permit Application granted pursuant to Directive 2011/98 of the 13th of December 2011.

Applying as Self-Employed


EEA/Swiss nationals, (including Croatian citizens) and their TCN “family members” or “other family members”, may take up self-employment in Malta without the need for an employment licence, although they must still send an Engagement Form to ETC.

In order to qualify for self-employed status, a TCN must meet one or more of the following criteria:

i. Invest in Malta capital expenditure of at least EUR 500,000, within 6 months from the date on which the employment licence is issued. Capital expenditure shall solely consist of fixed assets (such as immovable property, plant and machinery) used for the business purposes as reflected in the business plan submitted with the application. The application also needs to be accompanied by a letter of reference in respect of the TCN, from a reputable Maltese bank that certifies that the TCN has the facility to raise such capital;


ii. Highly skilled innovators with a sound business plan to be submitted with the application who commit to recruiting at least three EEA/Swiss/Maltese nationals within eighteen months of establishment;

iii. A person leading a project that has been formally approved by Malta Enterprise and formally notified by the latter to ETC.

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