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Residence in Malta


Launched in August 2015, the Malta Individual Investor Programme (“MRVP”) offers reputable third country nationals and their registered dependants the opportunity to acquire indefinite residential status in Malta. Successful applicants will therefore have the opportunity to reside and settle in Malta in addition to the luxury of travelling within the Schengen Area without the requirement of a visa.

Third country nationals include all persons who are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland. For the purposes of the MRVP, eligible dependants include spouses, children under the age of 18, unmarried children aged between 18 -26 who are still financially dependent on the main applicant, parents and grandparents.

Qualifications and General Requirements


1. Age: Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Investment in Qualifying Property: Application to choose 1 of the following 2 options:
a) Letting Option – Residential property must be leased for a minimum period of 5 years at a minimum annual lease payment of €12,000 or, if the property is located in Gozo or the south of Malta, for an minimum annual lease payment of €10,000;
b) Purchasing Option: Applicant must purchase property with a minimum price of €320,000 if it is located in Malta or €270,000 if the property is located in Gozo.

3. Qualifying Investment: Applicant is required to make an investment, in a form determined from time to time by Identity Malta, having a minimum value of two hundred and fifty thousand euro (€250,000). The Qualifying Investment must be retained for a minimum period of 5 years.

4. Proof of Financial Resources: Applicant must also prove that he or she has sufficient financial resources to be able to maintain himself or herself and any registered dependants without requiring to resort to social assistance in Malta. In this respect, the MRVP requires applicants to either: (i) have an annual income arising out of Malta equivalent to €100,000; or (ii) have savings equivalent to a minimum of €500,000.

5. Health Insurance: Applicant and registered dependants must also be beneficiaries to a health insurance policy that covers the provision of health services across the territory of the European Union

6. Contribution and Registration Fee: A non-refundable administration fee of €5,500 must be paid on submission of the application. Once Identity Malta confirms that the applicant qualifies to be a beneficiary of the MRVP, a contribution fee of €30,000 (less the non-refundable administration fee that was paid upon application) must be paid.

7. Due Diligence: Applicant is required to demonstrate that he is fit and proper to become a Maltese resident through the successful completion of a rigorous due diligence process.

Additional Conditions:


a. Applicant must provide a clean police conduct.

b. Applicant must not be a beneficiary of any other residence programme such as the Global Residence Programme, Highly Qualified Persons Rules, Malta Retirement Programme or the Qualifying Employment in Innovation and Creativity Rules.

c. Applicant must be represented by an agent approved by Identity Malta.

d. Successful applicants shall be monitored annually for the first 5 years, and thereafter, every 5 years.

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