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About RC Malta

RC Malta is a consultancy firm with a focus on investment migration. We routinely provide assistance to reputable persons who are interested in becoming residents or citizens of Malta through specific programmes and incentives. In so doing, we pride ourselves on being practical, objective and responsive.

We have professional knowledge on tax and immigration law and we routinely liaise with government departments on behalf of our clients.

If you think we can be of assistance to you or your client, kindly contact us for a free consultation.

Malta Citizenship by Investment

The promotion and introduction of persons interested in applying for citizenship in Malta is reserved to "Authorised Registered Mandatories" and "Approved Agents". RC Malta is approved by the International Tax Unit of the Inland Revenue Department and is authorised to introduce prospective applicants of the Malta Individual Investor Programme.

Citizenship in Malta

Described as one of the most successful citizenship-by-investment programme, the Malta Individual Investor Programme offers reputable high net worth individuals the luxury of visa-free travel to over 160 countries. The programme has been endorsed by the European Commission and is limited to 1800 main applicants.

  • Malta Individual Investor Programme
  • Residence in Malta

    A number of residence programmes are available in Malta. Be it through investment, retirement, work or taxation, each programme is designed to attract foreign residents to settle in Malta. The holder of a Maltese residence card has the luxury of travelling within the Schengen Area without the requirement of a visa. 

  • Malta Residence and Visa Programme
  • Global Residence Programme
  • High Net-Worth Individuals Programme
  • Malta Retirement Programme
  • Highly Qualified Persons
  • Long Term Residence
  • Ordinary Residence
  • Permanent Residence
  • Employment and Visa

    Individuals who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union are required to apply for an employment licence to work in Malta and for a visa to travel to Malta. Feel free to browse our ‘Employment and Visa’ pages for further information.

  • Single Permit Application
  • Work Permit
  • Travel Visas